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Taxi Sharing

If you want to share a cab from FRA airport or Aschaffenburg Hbf write a comment saying when you arrive.

Comments on: "Taxi Sharing" (12)

  1. Anyone up for cab-sharing from Frankfurt Airport, arriving on Fri afternoon?

  2. I will arrive at Aschaffenburg Central Station on June 14th, 15:16h. Anyone to share a taxi?

  3. Friederike said:

    Hi all,
    I’ll be arriving 17:22 in Aschaffenburg Hbf – anyone else around that time?
    Excited to meet you guys!

    • I’ll be arriving on Friday at 17:59 at Aschaffenburg Hbf. I’d gladly share a Taxi.
      See you, Birgit

      • Friederike said:

        Great, I’ll be waiting for you. Do you know the train station so you can suggest a meeting point?

      • We could meet on top of the stairs. Just checked on bahn.de – coming from Berlin I might be late due to the closing of the Elbbrücke. I’ll keep you informed. (Let’s hope all will be fine tomorrow…)

      • I’ll most likely be 50 mins later than expected. So, please, if you don’t want to wait that long go ahead and take a taxi without me.
        See you.

      • Friederike said:

        Alright, thanks for the info. See you at the camp then!

  4. I will be arriving at Aschaffenburg thursady 13.6 at 19.34 if someone wants to share a cab

  5. Anyone arriving Aschaffenburg Hbf on Friday around 21:22 (or at Frankfurt Airport around 20:00) – and want to share a taxi?

  6. Christoph Oberle said:

    Driving to #accde13 today. Can pick you up at FFM airport at 16:00, at FFM main station at 16:30 or at Aschaffenburg station at 17:00 @OldAgile

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