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Car Sharing

Do you arrive by car?

Maybe you can give somebody a lift and travel together—which probably is both more ecological and interesting.

Use this page to offer or ask for a lift to the Agile Coach Camp Germany.

Suggestion for how we can manage this simply: If you’re offering, pick some requestors and after they confirm to go with you, then the requestors erase their names. The offering person keeps their name on here if they still have seats available, and when full, they also erase their name here. That way, just the “live” offers and requsts are on this wiki page for simplicity.

Please negotiate Offers and Requests in comments until we find a better way…

Comments on: "Car Sharing" (2)

  1. I have to places left in my car from Karlsruhe to the event location. I pick up Rene in Bretten… so two persons can join us for our ride.

  2. We have on place left in our car from Wiesbaden. Feel free to join us.

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